Founded in 1989 as a systems integrator for factory automation, we offer software for
engineering, programming, field start-up and customer support for:


       -  PC/PLC Systems
       -  HMI (Human Machine Interfaces)
       -  SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
       -  PCS (Process Control Systems)
       -  PMSX (Central Process Management Systems)
       -  Industrial Networks





We provide expert consulting to find the optimum hardware and standard software   components for your machines, automated systems or production lines.


We design all software applications for your control systems (PC/PLC), human machine  interfaces (visualization, operator panels etc.), data management systems and communication  devices.


We install our software on your machines and provide field start-up, training and customer  support worldwide.


Our philosophy is to find simple but intelligent solutions, which are easy to understand, easy  to handle and require minimum costs for training and maintenance.


Whether your requirement is a small stand alone PLC or a fully integrated network system, we have the expertise to tailor the system to your needs.




Intelligent Solutions for Production Environments